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From Financial Struggle to Family Freedom

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So here I am a 28 year old mum with 3 young children, a partner of over 9 years and a month ago I decided to change my life, my families lives forever.

How my childhood has played a big impact in the way I think and the reasons why I am fighting for my dreams

When I was 6 years old my parents divorced.  Looking back I can’t remember the hard times or my parents being together but my mum always tells me I was a very upset and confused little girl who begged my parents to be together for a few years.

Of course as a child you do not understand the every day stresses of being a parent and worrying about money.

One of the factors that caused my parents divorce was money.  Lack of money puts a huge strain on relationships and it snowballs out of control.

When I chat to my parents they both say that they never would have imagined it happening to them.

Why would you marry someone you love to think you could get divorced.

I think this has had a huge affect on me.  I have felt and to be honest still feel that lack of money can cause break ups.

As I am now a mum myself I  know how much my mum had to deal with no help from my dad financially.  I was brought up on income support as my mum couldn’t work full time due to having myself and my sister.   Looking back we didn’t have a lot but we never went without.  I had a great childhood and would never go back and change it for the world.

A solid relationship means the world to me 

When I was pregnant with my first child Annabelle, our money problems were spiraling out of our control.   We were having to pay monthly payments to 3 credit cards and struggling in our bank account too.  We turned to my Grandad for advice as we needed to get out of the hole we had got ourselves in.

As my Grandad was and still is a business man he knows you need every inch of information to win a battle with a bank.  I remember his ringing me up and he said ‘ Do you have a credit card’ well I was so embarrassed and ran upstairs to cry at the problems that were no fault but our own. I have never felt so trapped in my whole life.  I seriously wanted to hide. I was 5 months pregnant and never imagined feeling so low.

Grandad being Grandad took charge and helped us win the battle with the bank and paid off all the credit cards which we in turn ended up paying a few months later.  He asked me to promise not to ever have a credit card.  I promised!


When my daughter Annabelle was born we got by ok, harder with one wage but we managed.  When I was due to return to work I decided that there was no financial point or desire for me to work.   I would work a 40 hour week with Annabelle in another room and come out at the end of the month with about £10 a week as I would have had to pay for childcare.  So living on my other half’s wage with the help of  tax credits added worked better… In surviving.


When Callum came along  we were still surviving.  I had never imagined before having a baby how much it costs.  How much baby milk, nappies, bottles, dummies, places to take them the drinks on top let alone my own social life.  Phil worked so hard in a job he didn’t like so it was stressful to say the least.

I’m more than just a mum 

I began to feel something was missing in my life.  I missed the social part of work and was probably very lonely.  What can you do when you have no money for spends to take the children out?   I first found out about online competitions.  I thought I have some spare time and it would be great to win things I cannot afford.  So one night entered a lot of email sign ups and carried on every evening entering and dreaming about the prizes.

A coincidence or Karma?

One day after coming back from a trip out and 2 tired children I came home to find a bird laying on my drive.  I will admit I am not an animal lover especially wild ones.  But I couldn’t leave it in pain.   So I had to find a way of getting it to the RSPCA.  I did, on a boiling hot day( for the UK) and 2 crying children in the car.

What happened the following day? 

When looking at my emails I had received one  from a company explaining I had won a prize.  I had in fact won a 48 inch 3D TV with a blue ray DVD player.  First of all I was shocked I had won a tv and second of all when it arrived it was nearly as big as my living room…  at the time.

I had found something to help my sanity and do something for my family.  Over the year I had won other items including a well known pram and a LG singing and dancing washing machine!

I became a mummy blogger

I came across blogging and thought ‘this looks like fun.  I can keep motivated, keep my brain active and fulfill some of my desires to help my family.  I blogged and blogged until I got noticed.  Then that’s when I was reviewing lots of products, going to events including my favourite which was meeting Elmo!  I remember thinking ‘ I have something for me, I am not just a mum.  This is much better that work’

1 elmo

The hard work paid off. Two years later parent blogging and entering competitions opened my eyes to the power of the internet.  However I was tired of blogging and networking for free products and the occasional paid post.  I felt I deserved more value for my time.  Also we now had Joseph too so I felt like it was time.


It was time for a change

When I thought this over and over I realised that what I love I was doing for nothing really.

Was it really helping my family who were struggling?

Was it really helping our relationship?

One night I decided enough was enough and for us to move forward I needed to work online.  I came across network Marketing.

  I found the Internet Lifestyle Network I was at home

I first came across another network marketing company but secretly struggled.  I had family saying ‘give it 3 months max’ I knew they didn’t have faith in the company.

I then found out about The Internet Lifestyle Network and I immediately felt at home.  I choose a sponsor that I could relate to and also felt confident I would get the support I need.

My dreams and visions of my families future have been made real from the online community.  I have become confident in the fact that I will be  stay at home mum always and not have to even go back to employment.  What is even more exciting Phil doesn’t have to work at a job soon either.

We can spend more time as a family

Not have to worry about money

Make amazing memories with my family


I am so grateful for this new start to our lives




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3 Responses to “From Financial Struggle to Family Freedom”

  1. Ashley Logomasini October 22, 2013 at #

    What an amazing and inspiring story Victoria! Not only are you going to create the lifestyle you and your family deserve, but you are also going to help SO MANY others do the same. You’re a true inspiration hun, and I’m so happy we are friends! :) xoxo

    • Victoria Wilkinson October 22, 2013 at #

      Thank you Ashley :)
      I know its amazing to think that I can change other lives too!!
      I am so happy with friends and it will be amazing to meet you in person at the next ILN event :) xxx

  2. Catherine December 1, 2013 at #

    Hi Victoria, great story! Thanks for reaching out and all your support :) Here is to learning, doing and reaping :)

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